Indian Minorities Will Demand Removal of San Francisco Gandhi Statue
09/30/10 – On Oct. 2, Gandhi’s birthday, the Organization for Minorities of India will demand the removal of the Gandhi statue outside the San Francisco Ferry Building.

American University Unveils Gandhi Statue
10/03/08 – James Madison University chose Oct. 2, Gandhi’s birthday, to unveil a Gandhi statue donated by the Indian government.

Gandhi’s Love Letters to Hitler
09/27/08 – A columnist discusses Gandhi’s fawning letters to Hitler.

UK Cities Consider “Gandhi” Streets
09/25/08 – The cities of Leicester and Liverpool are both considering naming streets after Gandhi.

Manitoba Proclaims Gandhi Day
09/16/08 – The Canadian province of Manitoba is declaring Gandhi’s birthday an official “Mahatma Gandhi Day.” Read this news item to learn how to protest this declaration.

Frequently Asked Questions Section Added
09/05/08 – We have compiled a list of answers to frequent questions and objections. Responses address such issues as whether Gandhi was simply “young and naive,” if he ever changed his racist views, where our evidence comes from, etc.

Gandhi Festival Challenged With Gandhi’s Racism
07/29/08 – Volunteers distributed information about Gandhi’s racism at a Reno, NV “Gandhi Festival.”

Gandhians Push Leicester Statue
03/07/08 – Leicester is on the verge of spending £20,000 to erect a Gandhi statue.

London Sikhs Oppose Gandhi Statue
03/05/08 – London Sikhs presented the Mayor with information from in opposition to a proposed Gandhi statue.

Gandhi’s Last Words Not ‘Hey Ram.’
02/15/08 – Much damage has been done to a famous feature of the Gandhi mythos with several recent claims that Gandhi had no last words.

Arun Reflects Grandfather’s Anti-Semitism
02/08/08 – An editorial for The Jewish Chronicle shows a correlation between Arun Gandhi’s anti-Semitic views and his grandfather’s own philosophies.

Modesto Bee Covers Gandhi Protest
02/07/08 – The Modesto Bee provided careless coverage of a protest against Arun Gandhi, neglecting to mention the reason for the protest.

Arun Gandhi Hijacks Dr. King’s Legacy
02/05/08 – Gandhi perpetuated the lie that his grandfather was a champion of civil rights when he keynoted a Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration in Modesto.

Arun Gandhi Reveals Anti-Semitism
01/11/08 – Arun Gandhi recently revealed that he holds to the same anti-Semitic views as his grandfather, the “Mahatma.”

Gandhians Push Nevada Monument
10/29/07 – A group of Nevada clergymen are pushing Governor Jim Gibbons to sanction a Gandhi Monument.

Indian Minorities Confront Arun Gandhi
10/20/07 – When he visited Southern California to promote his grandfather’s mythical ideology, Arun Gandhi was challenged to explain his grandfather’s documented racism and sham pacifism.

Gandhi’s Grandson Visits California
10/16/07 – Arun Gandhi, grandson of the “Mahatma,” will be peddling Gandhism in Southern California Oct. 20-21

Indian Minorities Protest Gandhi in San Francisco
10/2/07 – On Gandhi’s birthday, protesters held signs and distributed literature in front of a San Francisco Gandhi Statue. They were undeterred by threats from Gandhian Indians.

Anti-Gandhi Rally in San Francisco
9/20/07 – In response to the UN’s veneration of Gandhi, will host an Oct. 2nd anti-Gandhi rally in San Francisco.

Gandhi Used to Defend Indian Nuclear Program
9/6/07 – Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh invoked Gandhi to justify a nuclear deal allowing India increased ability to develop nuclear weapons and which experts say will spark a regional arms race.

Indian Government Wants Gandhi Letter
6/28/07 – Desperate to acquire an up for auction letter written by Gandhi weeks before his assassination, the Indian Government plans to bid for it.

United Nations Non-Violence Day
6/26/07 – The United Nations passed a resolution honoring Gandhi by declaring his birthday to be a “International Day of Non-Violence.” Note: has responded to this UN resolution with an open letter to the United Nations.

Fred Thompson on Gandhi
3/15/07 – Fred Thompson, a former U.S. senator and a candidate in the 2008 presidential race, made some interesting comments about the icon of nonviolence.